Lucian Murmurache

Full-Stack Software Developer Based in Berlin

A short story about me
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I offer my growing web development skills

alongside people skills, a growth mindset, strong professionalism and realibility that I have developed over 8 years of experience in Tourism and B2B service. I am also looking to volunteer my skills to NGOs and charities.

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What I know so far

Programming Languages & Tools

JavaScript, React, React-Native, Vue, Angular, Node.js, Express, jQuery, NoSQL

Serverless Development


Design Tools

CSS3, SCSS(Sass), Bootstrap, Material Design, Vue Material, Figma

Educated by CareerFoundry

Completed a Full-Stack Software Development bootcamp

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My Story

Over the last few years I have developed a passion for programming, I started with self-learning and eventually decided to enroll in a bootcamp in order to professionalise my skills.

This is when I joined CareerFoundry, a course that covers Server-Side Programming including Authorization and Authentication, Data Security, Validation and Ethics, JavaScript frameworks(with emphasis on React), Testing in the Development Process (such as TDD, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, End-to-End Testing), Object-Oriented Programming, Progressive Web Applications and Data Visualization.

While progressing through the course, I had the opportunity to create several projects using React (and React-Native), Vue, Angular and good old Vanilla JS. While Angular and Vue were excellent, I enjoyed the most using React once I got a clear understanding on how to use hooks!

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"Lucian was a colleague at CareerFoundry, where we both became developers. I found in him a very serious, careful and detail-oriented co-worker. His thoughts were clear; his coding style is concise, and he revealed himself to be a very reliable team member, not letting anyone down in any of the opportunities he was asked for help. And just as important, he always had his feet in the ground ready to listen when he needed assistance. I sincerely hope I have the chance to work with him again in the future."

Cassiano Gobbet

May 25th 2020

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"Lucian has proven to have excellent coding skills within his first year in learning as he provided excellent insight and tips for myself when entering web development for the first time. He is always willing to review work and give support and resources when necessary. His work speaks for itself as he keeps his code well organized and readable. Furthermore, he always takes his projects up a notch with additional UI skills to make them visually appealing."

Michael Fragiskatos

May 26th 2020

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